It was a cold dark morning on campus. I felt something ominous and quickened my pace, gripping on to my phone as hard as I could. I looked down at my hand and could see the imprint of stripes from my phone case on my hand. I definitely had a nice grip. I ignored the fog surrounding the building where my class would be held. I didn’t care about the fog, it wasn’t important. All I wanted to do was get to class and write my test. If I didn't make it to class my grade would sink like the Titanic. I carefully made my way into the building and was baffled when I found the rooms and hallways to be pitch black. As I got out my phone, to check the time and put some" light on the whole situation" a strong wind came in through the window and knocked my phone from my hand. When I picked it up off the ground, the screen was pitch black and I could not manage to turn it on.

I screamed out loud "who's here? What do you want?" I didn't hear a response, but I saw

two bright eyes staring back at me. I quickly ran out of the room. With fingers that were still shaking from my encounter with S, I emailed the professor hoping she would believe my encounter with S.