So I was on my computer when Google Chrome totally glitched out (again), and it wouldn’t let me force quit.  This has happened to me once before, where the Chrome icon just keeps bouncing in the dock, but it never opens and it won’t quit either.  The only way to fix it is to shut your computer down, but my mac won’t shut down while programs are still open—meaning that while Chrome is glitching, the only option is to hold the power button until it cuts out. 

So I did a hard shut down, waited 10 seconds, and then started my computer up again.  And then my computer froze in the log in screen.

Madoka Have Mercy

Not properly froze, mind you; the clock kept right on ticking, but the mouse was stuck in the top corner, and it wouldn’t let me type anything.  My mac is usually a little slow coming up, so I gave it a minute before I started to worry. 

It was stuck like this for FIVE MINUTES.

I know, because I was watching the clock the whole time. 

Finally, I took it down hard a second time, and restarted again. This time it came up fine and let me log in. 

Scariest 20 minutes of my life.