Florence Nightingale

Nicknames: The Lady with the Lamp

Family Ties: Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. Florence was born to William and Frances Nightingale, two upper-class British citizens. Florence and her older sister, Frances Parthenope, were both named after the places in which they were born. Florence's family moved to Hampshire, England in 1821. Florence was heavily influenced by family friend, Mary Clark. It was Mary Clarke that instilled the value of intellect in Florence, and also showed her that women could be equals to men. Florence always had a strong pull towards helping others and donating her time to serve the public. Against her families wishes, in 1844 she pursued the study of the science of nursing.

Career and Achievements: Florence gained recognition upon managing nurses during the Crimean War where her and her colleagues took care of wounded soldiers. She is thought of as the pioneer for modern nursing. She advocated for and changed sanitation conditions in nursing. She revolutionized the field, and professionalized the role of nursing for women. She opened her own nursing school at St. Thomas Hospital in London. She was the first female elected to the Royal Statistical Society. She was a huge advocate of visual learning and helped to revamp the presentation of statistical data.

Contribution to the Tessera: Many of the visual diagrams depicting how to unpack the puzzles were created by Florence. She is the keeper of all statistics and data for the Tessera. With her knowledge, we can make it easier to decipher codes and messages left for us in order to defeat S!