It took me forever to finish that pesky level 2! I figured I might as well elaborate on the mastermind behind it.

Nickname: Father of the Detective Story

Family Life: Poe had a rocky family situation from an early age. His father left the family when he was very young and his mother died of tuberculosis soon after. He was sent to live with tobacco merchants John and Frances Allan for the rest of his childhood.

Even when he was young he had a talent in writing. However, the Allan family did not approve of his poetry - they wanted him to oversee the tobacco business. Despite this, he eventually found his footing in the writing world.

Career: Though he wrote for his entire life, Poe first began publishing poems and stories in the 1830s. The first collection of poems he published was called Tamerlane, and Other Poems. From there he furthered his writing career by working as a journalist. Instead of traditional reporting, he wrote stories, poems, and critiques of other literary works.

He is best known for his poem “The Raven,” which was published in the Evening Mirror. Works like “The Raven” and “The Tell-tale Heart” established him as a masterful writer who created the mystery genre.

Contributions to the Tessera: It’s no wonder some of those puzzles are so difficult to complete when the father of the detective story created many of them. He spent an especially long time picking the trickiest spots to hide those pipes on level 2.

Too bad not even the mystery master himself can uncover what S truly is.

Secret Tessera Fact: Not everyone knows the many theories about how Edgar Allan Poe died. Here are a few all in one place.